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Thank you for choosing (herein referred to as "the company," we”, “our").Before purchasing any of our products and services, it is highly recommended that you carefully read and understand our terms and conditions of the services. This is a legally binding contract admissible in any jurisdiction and protected under federal, state and international laws. It will be taken that users has read and understood our terms and conditions by agreeing to use our services.

The company agrees to offer the services advertised on its website. All the fees outlined are specific to every product and service as stipulated against the service and not by any chance shall a client be billed higher for a service than it is outlined. Any changes in the pricing policy of our products and services shall be adequately communicated via a means the company chooses to be the most convenient and as in this case the email address provided by the client. Communication shall always be made as early as possible and it shall be taken that every user of our products and services are aware of the changes to the pricing of the services by the time the changes come to be effected. Any complaints and clarifications shall be addressed to the company's management via an email contact or phone number given on our website.

Subscription to our services is on the basis stipulated on our policies in our website. Payments made are presumed to cater for time period of subscription. In an event the customer chooses to cancel or terminate the contract before the stipulated time period lapses, no refunds shall be made to the client whatsoever.

The company sets limits for storage and bandwidth usage according to a client’s subscription. Its the responsibility of clients to always monitor their storage space usage and bandwidth to ensure that they comply with their purchased subscriptions. Prompt communication shall be made to clients who go above their limits requesting them to upgrade their subscriptions so as to accommodate more space and bandwidth. Flaunting these conditions and rules continuously shall result to an account being suspended by the administrator without prior notice.Further, the account risk banning by the panel of administrators depending on the extent of flaunting of these rules. Banned account owners shall be notified via email and no refunds shall whatsoever be made available. We expect all members to uphold their responsibilities as these are a shared platform with many users.

Payment invoice shall be sent to the client by electronic mail seven days prior to the end of contract. Users are requested to pay for the services via the means accepted by the company in this case, electronic money transfer. A seven day grace period is made available to clients who will not have renewed their subscription on time, in which a $5 fine (subject to adjustment) is charged on their account. Failure to update the payment balance, the account shall be terminated or suspended without a notice to the owner. In the case of termination of subscription, a client shall be required to make a formal communication to the company via electronic mail and all the charges owed to the company paid up in full so as to have the services restored. Clients are requested to note that the US dollar is the only accepted currency of transaction with the company.

However, users should note better that the company can be flexible in the policy regarding refund of subscription fees. Refunds can only be made to accounts that have an annual subscription on condition that refunds are requested within the period of one month after the date of subscription. The client should do the due diligence to notify the company early enough as complaints after the lapse of this period shall be deemed in-viable.

The company defines the term abuse as misuse of services, overuse of a resource or use of a resource that is not allocated to a client. The company, after deliberations by the management, shall also deem any other actions by clients as abuse if they flaunt the general terms of service in the contract.

The company shall strongly react to any attempt by individuals to abuse its servers. Any use of our server facilities outside their intended use shall be taken will abject seriousness. Any attempts to hack or deny services to our computer systems, in any ways, shall be treated with the seriousness it deserves.The scope of punishments conferred shall be dependent on the scope of abuse. Clients can be denied future use of our resources, have their accounts suspended or accounts banned altogether. In extreme cases of abuse, legal action may be taken against individuals. It should altogether be noted that any attempt to hack into the server system (however minimal it may seem) shall be treated with seriousness and shall result to criminal proceedings being conferred against an individual. Full force of law shall apply and the company shall help the authorities in any way to conduct investigations.

Abuse of our clients is strictly prohibited. We shall require that clients treat each other with at most respect. In an event a client reports abuse to the management of the company, due investigations shall be conducted and appropriate action taken against the propagator of abuse. Above this we shall require that clients treat the customer care staff of the company with respect. We require that clients shall use formal language in communication that upholds respect for one another. Abusive language or any other communication means and gestures that may otherwise be deemed derogatory is highly prohibited.

Running scamming services on our platforms is strongly discouraged. In case an individual is reported action shall be taken immediately. Actions that also peddle hate or promote extremist actions on our servers are not allowed.

When using our shared servers, it is strictly prohibited to run IRC, bolts or clients. It is also not allowed to run bulk emailing services on the same shared servers, unsolicited email services spamming of any kinds.

It shall be taken as an offense when a user violates the provided capacity of storage on our computers. Users shall be required to notify the management in an event an extra disk space is required so as arrangements to make this provision can be made. Users risk the banning of their accounts when this provision is violated.

Bandwidth is shared among users of our servers. A high limit bandwidth is made available to our clients so as to enable them a rapid transfer of files over the web. It shall be taken as an abuse of the provided bandwidth in an even a user surpasses his or her allocated bandwidth limit. A prompt communication or notification shall be made to the users who surpass their limits.However, exceeding the bandwidth usage limit does not warrant an automatic suspension of an account. Rather the client shall be billed on the exceeded amount upon their next subscription. Clients should also note that traffic into their websites shall not be monitored until it surpasses the bandwidth limits.


The purpose of this service is to host websites, provide web related services and host databases on behalf of enterprises (small, medium and large) and lawful organizations. The services by the company dedicated to the well being of humanity and the company shall use its position to protect its users from vices that may cause personal and social harm. The company sets its policies for the sole purposes of promoting growth and development to individuals and encourages safe and meaningful interactions amongst individuals. It shall adhere to values and norms of the society, encourage responsible behaviors and be on the forefront of promoting accountability.

By agreeing to use our services, customers agree that the company holds the absolute right to change the policy usage at any time without prior notification to clients. This shall be done for the purposes of meeting the prevailing standards and changing laws and also to adjust to the changes in the business environment. However, the company shall strive to notify the clients on the change of policies from time to time.

In an event of an interrogation to our clients by any jurisdiction or authority, they shall be required to be fully cooperative. The company is not by any way obliged to deny information to authorities in case its client is wanted for a crime under any laws. It shall fully provide cooperation and offer any assistance within its scope regarding the client.

The company shall strive to guarantee a 99.99% up time in its services. It shall endeavor to ensure that clients websites are reachable at any time of day or night all round the calendar year through all means necessary and also through the means within their scope.However, this is not to be assumed that it is guaranteed to clients a perfect seamless service. In an event beyond the control of the company such as organized labor actions, civil strife including boycotts and riots, demonstrations, terrorism attacks, power outages and adverse weather conditions, the company shall not be held liable for interruption of services. Clients shall be advised to hold on to patience until normalcy is restored. It also should be noted that the company offers to run troubleshooting services on behalf of clients in an event that data packets cannot reach the client’s website. The company reserves the full rights to disable all the scripts running on the clients websites without notice in an event they deny proper functioning of other web services. Formal complaint regarding to this termination shall be expected to be addressed to the management of the company.

The companies, its directors, affiliates, staff and/or agents do not hold any indemnity brought against the services they offer. The company fully dissociates from any claims of liability, damages, penalties, fines and fees brought against them and its fully not responsible for the legal fees brought about by a breach of the stated guidelines and policies. be noted that no party shall be liable to loss of any kind or damage that could have otherwise been avoided. Additionally, all parties shall be deemed responsible for their actions and shall be required to take full liability. However, in an event that one party is obviously liable, there shall be a fine imposed which shall not be more than three times the amount of the subscription fees.

Suspension of services

The company holds full authority to suspend and or terminate services even without prior notice. Reasons for suspension or termination include and not limited to:

  1. Failure to cooperate and comply with investigating bodies over violations, contravention of accepted user agreement policy.
  2. The company believes that suspension is necessary so as to protect the networks facilities and ensure proper working of the systems,
  3. Under request from a jurisdiction in an event that the user is subject to an investigation for contravention of laws of the jurisdiction or contravention of international law.

However, accounts may be reinstated upon payment of reinstating fees. Clients may also exercise the power of termination of service if they feel in any way that the company is not honoring their part of the agreement and they may do so in form of writing to the company's management.


The company only chooses to enter into this legally binding contract by persons deemed to be of contractual capacity depending on the region in which they reside. Persons who shall not have attained the ages required to enter into a contract shall be required to have a senior who is of contractual capacity to be their reperesentative and sign on their behalf. It is also to be noted that contractual capacity is not only limited to age but also the state of mind. The company only agrees to enter into an agreement with persons deemed to have a sound mind. In an event the company discovers that it has entered into an agreement with a person who is not of contractual capacity through giving of false information either knowingly or unknowingly, their accounts shall be terminated without notice and no refunds shall be made whatsoever.

Personal information privacy policy

The company takes the privacy of its clients as a priority. The following guidelines shall dictate how the company shall govern the personal information of their clients.

  1. Personal information shall be defined as contact information (email addresses, mail box addresses, names of individuals and companies and individuals’ areas of residence).Any information that can reveal the clients identity is also taken as personal information.
  2. Personal information shall not be shared by any third parties and in an event of such eventuality the company shall take full responsibility and liability of these actions.
  3. The company shall take it as a serious offence to any person who knowingly shares personal information of clients and appropriate actions shall be taken against them.
  4. It is the full responsibility of the company to safeguard the information of clients on its websites and any security action will be taken to protect the customers data.
  5. Owners of websites stored on our servers shall have the full responsibility of protecting the information regarding their clients and in shall no way the company be legible for loss of data on the clients websites.
  6. The company shall disassociate fully from any agreements or relations made between websites hosted on their servers and their clients and shall not be liable or party to any eventualities resulting from such agreements.
  7. The company shall make available any private information about clients only if
    (i) It has been compelled to do so by a governing authority
    (ii) It feels like it has the capacity to aid in an investigation in an even the client contravenes any laws
    (iii) In an event of reporting gross violations to terms and conditions of services.
Information usage

The company shall expect all the information stored on its servers to be of meaningful proposes and to be of nature that promotes peace,ethics and equality.Any information that promote acts of extremism,violence ,racial tribal or ethnic violence is strongly prohibited and perpetrators of such information shall be made accountable under any means necessary. Child pornography and other contents of sexual nature are highly prohibited on the company’s servers.

Back up policy

Clients are requested by the company to retain original copies of data requested to be backed up by the company.The company only backs up its data for their own restorations.

Request for restore

Clients may request a restore of any files at any given time. However the first restore is done free of charge. All other restores requested will attract a onetime fee of $5, which is subject to change without notice.

Changes to company's network infrastructure

Changes to company's infrastructure including its hardware and software systems maybe conducted at the discretion of the company.This change may affect how the services appear and the company is by not any means liable to these changes.

Company notices

Notices by the company are dispatched by electronic mail provided by the client. It will be assumed that the client read the notice one day after it was dispatched. If the day preceding the dispatch day is a holiday then the notices are assumed to have been read on the day following the holiday. If the notices are dispatched on a day preceding a weekend, the notices are deemed to have been read on day immediately after the weekend. It is required that customers update their contact information to avoid missing on important notices.

Default of obligations. Applicable laws.

The state of Virginia laws and the United states of America laws shall govern this code of conduct. Not any other laws shall be used.It should be noted that the United nations law relating to sale of goods and services shall not be applied.


Each party consents the rights to exclusively use their patents rights,copyright, trademarks, copyrights, inventions and special marks.A party may only use the above stated rights under a written consent from the owners.Failure to comply with this shall be deemed as a gross violation of the laws governing theses rights punishable under the relevant laws.The relationship between parties is strictly governed by this code of conduct/agreement.It is therefore not be confused with a general partnership, a joint venture or a employe employee relationship.This agreement should not be taken as a forced agreement and it should therefore be noted that one party has the full authority to force another party to the terms and conditions of the agreement. This agreement may be amended through a formal writing with all parties involved signing.However theee are some provisions that shall survive the exploration of the agreement between parties.Such include and are not limited to fees,indemnity, ownership of intellectual rights, and other provisions agreed by both parties that can survive the exploration of the signed agreement.There are no third party beneficiaries to the agreement whatsoever. Clients shall not transfer the agreeement to other parties without the consent of the company. This agreement is final.It is superior to any other agreements,conversations,talks conducted and the company shall be not held liable to any action by a client outside this agreement.

Copyright files.

All the files ( MP3, AVI, MID, MIDI, MPG, MPEG, MOV, EXE, ISO,MP4,JPEG, GIF) stored on the company's servers are expected to be owned by the client of the specific account or should accompany a valid licence permitting possesion of these files.In an event that the files are found to have contravened the laws of copyright, they are subject to deletion without notice to the account.

Promotions of services

The company shall offer various promotions on its products and services.This promotions shall not change the terms and conditions under this contract. It shall be expected that every party shall meet their obligations in full.It should be noted that these promotional offers come with their own terms and conditions that may affect some clauses under this agreement.

Electronic commerce

The products abd services listed for sales on the clients' websites are by no way associated with the company. The company distances itself from affiliations with the products and the marketing and promotions of the products are the sole responsibility of the owner. The company shall therefore not be legible to any losses,shipment issues or taxation issues or any other issues arising.The security of the information on customers such as email addresses, passwords, credit card numbers are to the responsibility of the owner of the website.The company shall not be liable for any losses of such kind incurred to any business hosted on its platform.

Ownership of IP addresses.

The company reserves the rights to allocate the IP addresses to domains hosted on their servers.It also reserve the right to change the addresses,to deny or accept ownership of these addresses to clients.

Domain name registration policy

The company policy requires users to first make a payment before getting the domain registered. After this the domain will be given a unique internet address.Payment methods are given on the website and the company reserves the rights to change the charges without the notice to the clients


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