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At the center of any operations of an organization or enterprise is its data.Data can be likened to the nerve center of any organisation and success of any organisation is directly pegged how it handles,stores and utilises its data.We are tasked with a great responsibility of housing data on behalf of enterprises and organisation and to be up to the task, we operate three different data centers located in different geographical regions across the the North American continent namely ;the Quebec region of Canada,Georgia and Utah in the United States.

Our standard strive to achieve the telecommunications technology association standards with so much efforts and energy invested in the the data center infrastructure management.We have adopted the RDMA technology (remote direct memory access technology) on our entire computer network. This technology has ensured efficiency and real time access of data in that computers in different networks can seamlessly inter link and share information stored in their accessible memories without directly going via the computers' central processing unit which could take time to process and pass over information. This is particularly important for research companies and any other companies or organisations that require real time data to formulate decision.

Server virtualization is part of our prioritises.With our data centers running on both Linux and windows platforms,we have tried to employ appropriate technologies in each work stations to enable and optimise virtualization.For instance we have expansively made use of the openVZ software application tool on our Linux platforms. The reason for this is that it has been tried and tested as an open source software tool and has proved to pass the test of times in matters virtualization.Newer,more robust and updated version of openVZ have also been released into the market in order to match the current technological needs and trends.

Cloud computing has been extensively emphasized in our data centers. We understand the need of organisations and small enterprises to outsource information technology facilities and infrastructure and we haven't been reluctant in providing these services.We offer data back up solutions to mitigate on any damages resulting from data loss and/or corruption. We also have gone an extra mile in providing virtual private server facilities.Our clients should be assured of a dedicated bandwidth with high speed uplink and downlink speeds to our data centers.

To further help and make use of virtualization, we have made extensive use of a software tool called softaculous installed on our server computer system.This software tool (browser based) conducts the installations of numerous applications on our network into the computers of the clients.

We are conscious of our environment and we have put in place all the systems that ensure a cleaner and greener environment. We have made use of low emission building materials at our data centers. Our data center designs and architecture are such that they follow the rules of effective and efficient use of energy.The design also puts in place the mechanisms that ensure maximum recycling of energy resources. The power back up systems are compliant to the requirements that ensure efficiency in energy and much effort has been made to constantly scan our facilities and replace components that are rather not energy efficient,updating them with newer more efficient ones.

Data security also lists as our top priorities. We are positioned to ensuring the integrity of data stored in our servers and we have made every effort possible to ensure that our facilities are secure and meet all the security standards.We have implemented top notch security features in our systems against any malware attack or any other forms of attack. For instance, we have mechanisms that prevent any sophisticated attempt to disable our servers such distributed denial of service (DDOS).This mechanism acts by stopping and blocking any internet address that is suspected of sending multiple requests at a really short time span.Additionally firewalls have been put in place to deny any forms of suspicious activities onto our server systems.

We have also put emphasis on the physical security of our facilities by deploying burglar proof systems such as physical barricades and also closed circuit surveillance systems.This has helped in controlling the movements of persons into and out of our facilities ensuring that only the required personnel access the facilities.

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