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Custom Vs Template website

Is a Custom website or Template website better for me?

Custom or template site, what best suits your needs? Does your company need a custom website or template website? A website is a great channel for exposing a brand. Therefore it creates a crucial platform for growth and success of any enterprise and its products. It is almost a must-have...

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Improve website speed

Make website fast for serps and ranking in search engines!

How to speed up a slow website The Speed of your website affects your Google SERPS ranking Speed is imperative for any website on the web in relation to Serps and search engine rankings. It is critical to performance and overall acts to bring on more and more traffic.  How...

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Zosting ICO

Summary of ZOST Token an ERC-20

Video Slogan New Generation Z hosting with [ ] Pitch We are looking to stardize web hosting utilizing a ZOST Token, the data ever expanding and lack of traditional systems to conduct business or trade online, Zost Token will target markets with low technical resources for growth...

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What are the different types of Shared, Cloud, VPS hosting?

With so many different options, which web and VPS hosting option is best for your start-up?   Cloud hosting, VPS Hosting, or Shared hosting, there are many different options.   With literally millions of providers of web hosting services, there arises a need for the web hosting provider offering the...

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What is SSH and how does it apply to Data Storage and Servers?

What is SSH? What are some of the tools needed for SSH and how to use? SSH is an abbreviation for secure shell Secure Shell is an internet standard for establishing secure end to end (client to server) connection through insecure networks such as the intranet or the world wide...

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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server vs VPS Server vs Cloud vs Shared Hosting

Pros and Cons of Dedicated servers vs VPS servers vs Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting Selecting between Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers, Cloud Hosting, or Shared Hosting for your business If you've ever shopped around for web hosting for your business or a Dedicated Server, you'll notice there are literally thousands...

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