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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server vs VPS Server vs Cloud vs Shared Hosting

Pros and Cons of Dedicated servers vs VPS servers vs Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting Selecting between Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers, Cloud Hosting, or Shared Hosting for your business If you've ever shopped around for web hosting for your business or a Dedicated Server, you'll notice there are literally thousands...

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Bitcoin Cash Woo Commerce Plugin

Accept Bitcoin Cash, New plugin for WordPress

How to install Bitcoin Cash plugin for Woo Commerce Wordpress websites: Want to accept Bitcoin Cash from your woo Commerce website in Wordpress? WordPress woo commerce website users can now accept Bitcoin Cash directly from their website into their electron wallet, eliminating the middleman.  The new plugin allows for a...

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Softaculous Apps Installer zosting cpanel web hosting

Cpanel 101: Cpanel for beginners: How to use Cpanel

Cpanel 101 - Web Hosting Introduction to cPanel and its features within web hosting solutions Once you've signed up for a hosting package with us. You'll promptly receive an email notification from us with your necessary URLs for accessing Cpanel. Or you can simply log into your client...

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Web Hosting and Fraud prevention Tips, tools and techniques

Fraud runs rampant in this industry What tools to use to prevent fraud on hosting package purchases Fraud prevention is one of the foremost battle lines implemented within the web hosting industry. It is very crucial for a web hosting provider to streamline the necessary tools and processes to minimize...

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Bitconnect Scam of the century, Class action suit

Bitconnect is gone and not coming back. The class-action suit will be filed against Bitconnect. Before I even being this blog on this topic.   I've noticed many, " I told you they were a scam " comments.  Although that is partially true, the short answer is, the platform worked.  It delivered...

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Understand DDOS attack

What is a DDOS Attack?

UNDERSTANDING DoS attacks With so many DDOS attacks on web the world wide web, understanding DDOS attacks is crucial. Abbreviated as DoS, denial of service attacks are a common method cybercriminals use to put down an entire computer network or a particularly targeted website denying legitimate users the functions of...

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