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Bitconnect Scam of the century, Class action suit

Bitconnect is gone and not coming back. The class-action suit will be filed against Bitconnect. Before I even being this blog on this topic.   I've noticed many, " I told you they were a scam " comments.  Although that is partially true, the short answer is, the platform worked.  It delivered...

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Understand DDOS attack

What is a DDOS Attack?

UNDERSTANDING DoS attacks With so many DDOS attacks on web the world wide web, understanding DDOS attacks is crucial. Abbreviated as DoS, denial of service attacks are a common method cybercriminals use to put down an entire computer network or a particularly targeted website denying legitimate users the functions of...

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Zosting SSL Certificates for sale

Why understanding SSL technology is important

Understanding the SSL technology The internet can be likened to a global marketplace in which millions of transactions and interactions occur with always the danger of losing data and information to bad intending individuals is always lurking. With this in mind, practical and easy to use technologies have been invented...

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How to create a profile on

CREATING A PROFILE ON ZOSTING.COM A growing organization requires a reliable fast web hosting service. It is also prudent to select providers of cheap windows and Linux VPS from a reliable web host provider. Going by an organization needs, it may be advised to select providers with cheap and reliable windows...

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24x7 Web hosting

How to create your own crypto coin on NEM Blockchain

How to create your own cryptocurrency coin using Nano Wallet on NEM Blockchain Starting a crypto currency on NEM Blockchain, is the new crowdfunding If you're a technical entrepreneur your mind tends to take things one step further.  Would implementing and utilizing cryptocurrency and creating an ICO on an existing blockchain...

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Encrypted web hosting

WordPress Blogs and other CMS updates

Wordpress Blogs and other Content Management Systems should always be updated and encrypted Updating your Wordpress website and blog, along with your  Content Management Systems and their Plugins regularly is a rather straightforward process and can prevent your online business from hackers. Many business owners we speak to, are looking for simply...

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