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A data center is the brain center of any hosting company.

It is the point where all the vital process takes place. For any hosting company, a data center dictates how it handles, stores, utilizes and relays data.

A hosting company is tasked with the responsibility of accommodating data on behalf of different firms, individuals, and organizations, thus it is forced to have an efficient mechanism for storing and relaying this data. Just like the human brain stem controls all the functions that are basic to the survival and normalcy of a human being, so is a data center to a hosting company. All parts of the human body will function efficiently depending on how efficient the brain is. As a client, therefore, you should seek clarification on the efficiency of a hosting company’s brain – data center.

Zosting Hosting Data CentersFor higher performance and adequate data storage, has three data centers spread across three Northern America cities; Quebec in Canada, Utah, and Georgia. All these data center are tier 4, designed to attain high resilience and reliable performance. They all have multiple active cooling paths, power distribution channels and redundant components. data centers are guaranteed of 99.9995% availability, tight to information security control mechanisms. The physical location is administered by great engineers who carry out the daily maintenance of the huge facilities. is always upgrading its data center components to attain a highly optimized modern facility level, capable of hosting hundreds of millions of third party data conveniently. clearly observes its responsibility towards environmental conservation. The physical environment within our office premises and data centers can attest to this. We have highly embraced a green environment culture and a conservation conscience framework in all aspects of our operations. The architectural designs of our data centers explicitly comply with effective and efficient energy use regulation. By, among others, creating a fabulous mechanism that creates maximum recycling of energy resources. We can proudly say our company is environmentally friendly and we are always working to improve our environmental compliance even further. is fully committed to ensuring a secure access to data center resources. Because we know that our data centers contain a huge amount of various organizations’ most valuable assets. Financial data, email stores, e-commerce data, personnel and customer data, as well as intellectual property, are among the information we are trusted with the responsibility of guarding. Therefore our data centers have the following network capability to ensure security;

  1. Secure server access; these are firewall-protected VLANs to protect sensitive applications. This uses various flexible rule-sets to clients’ data from unauthorized access or employee snooping.
  2. Protection of host resources from worms, viruses, and botnet attacks; our firewalls are equipped with Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) sensors that configure protected VLANs to monitor and give feedback on abnormal traffic or block malicious traffic before it reaches.

We have a wide range of security control protocol, customized for our data centers and aimed at protecting confidentiality and integrity of our clients’ data. Our data centers are our main pride. We are always upgrading the technology in these centers to accommodate and serve more clients reliably. The data center is our company brain, and we are proud of our smart, efficient brain –the best in the industry.

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