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Custom or template site, what best suits your needs?

Does your company need a custom website or template website?

A website is a great channel for exposing a brand. Therefore it creates a crucial platform for growth and success of any enterprise and its products. It is almost a must-have for any website wishing to experience an exponential growth in its activities.

The task of creating websites has been made easier. Content management systems (CMS) have been developed making the whole affair of creating a website simple and easy. There exist numerous content management systems and just to mention word press and Joomla making the largest share of the internet market. Preference on which CMS to use it pretty much a dictate of preference more than what outperforms the others with all CMS helping in making a final product that functions regardless, a website.custom theme vs template theme

Website building by any CMS can either be custom or by use of templates. Custom built sites are the sites that are developed from scratch on a CMS whereas as template sites are websites that are made from a predesigned template or theme or skin.

When choosing to develop a website, doing a template project or a custom project is rather left to the main reason for a website. Different web designers can advise on what is actually needed for the process and a thorough consultation with the developers saves the hassles of the inconveniences that may arise later.


Template sites

A template site, like mentioned, earlier is a simple easy to make a website that is developed from pre-designed themes. A template site requires minimum or no coding as the template come pre-programmed.

Advantages of using a template site

  1. Template sites are rather simple to make thereby becoming affordable. Themes can be downloaded directly from the internet shelves either free of charge or for a certain fee.
  2. Template sites are convenient for simple projects. They are the best suit for personal blogs, or just for a mere internet presence.
  3. Template websites take lesser time to develop, especially when website content has been developed and written already.


Major disadvantages for template sites.

  1. Template sites are rather prone to hack attacks. This is majorly due to the reason that the themes may not be regularly updated thereby, hackers find venerability in this kind of websites.
  2. An enterprise runs the risk of the website is identical to another website. This is especially so if the website was developed using similar themes.
  3. Some host providers are not keen on supporting websites that cannot run latest versions of CMS due to the challenge of the themes running out of updates. This is a major setback especially when an enterprise is looking for a reliable host provider.


Custom built websites

These are websites that are developed from scratch. They are best suited for organizations that want their websites to imitate their brand that is websites that look similar to their brands.

Major advantages of custom built sites

  1. They can be built to the specification of the enterprise and made to imitate their brand.
  2. They are easy to update to match the regular updates and security patches of the CMS that they have been developed onto.
  3. The best support websites engaged in transactions such as e-commerce websites.


The disadvantage of custom built websites

The major drawback for a custom built website is that they are expensive to develop as programmers don’t come in cheap and also take a long time to develop depending on their complexities.

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