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Cpanel 101 - Web Hosting

Introduction to cPanel and its features within web hosting solutions

Once you've signed up for a hosting package with us. You'll promptly receive an email notification from us with your necessary URLs for accessing Cpanel. Or you can simply log into your client area through our website here: and access Cpanel.

After you've logged into Cpanel, you'll see a wide series of features offered through Cpanel web hosting. Here you can change the themes as well as get a general overview of-of the resources used within the statistics section. For example, depending on which one of our lightenings fast shared hosting packages you choose from, come with aCpanel Statistics section different number of emails, databases, memory as well as see your domain name and subdomain names.

For this, we're using domain name We want to transform this domain name into a web forum for the web hosting and cryptocurrency industry. As if you've been following our blog, well see the correlation of how traditional web hosting operates and how blockchain resembles namespaces very similarly.

This general overview allows you to monitor how much space is available vs how much web space is utilized. A comparison of how many email addresses are available vs how many email addresses are created.

You're offered a cumulative amount of space on shared hosting packages.

In a nutshell, shared hosting packages are a piece of space on a web server. You as a customer share that server with many other websites and business owners. Each of you has been granted your own access to your own personal Cpanel.

Each server is regulated and monitored for peak performance. Unlike Giants, that pack thousands of customers, crammed into 1 dedicated server. We believe in quality with SEO our more forefront objective while utilizing our shared hosting services.

Simply put: Fast loading websites rank better in search engines.

Google will penalize your website if it is on a slow web server. Your website will rank lower in search results. This will significantly reduce traffic and less traffic means fewer customers. We strive for fast shared hosting, we believe the better you rank, the better our product looks.

Moving forward, you'll notice a series of Panels located within your Cpanel Hosting. Many are rather straightforward in describing what the service or product is. While other do require somewhat of an in-depth knowledgebase into technology. Which we'll cover more of.

If you're a beginner, you'll notice here, you have a file section:

Cpanel File section

Within the file manager, you can store the code for your website. You can upload files, download files as well as manage your website upload and store images and more. Hence any changes you want to make to your files, you can do so from here. We'll dig deeper into this topic in a later tutorial. Lets, for now, cover the high level of Cpanel and the features.

However, if you're interested in creating a website using Cpanel. There is a much simpler way. Also important to note, that privacy means you can block certain directories or certain folders with a password and password protect them.

FTP accounts and FTP connections

If you're not familiar with what FTP is:  FTP is an acronym for ( File Transfer Protocol ).  FTP is what most web developers use to transfer files.  This is accomplished by first creating an FTP account.  Then making use of a tool such as Filezilla for file transfer.  Mose file uploads can be accomplished by making use of the File Explorer, however, some hosts limit the upload file sizes with it.  Or the browser can have a MAX upload limit for larger files.   Utilizing FTP for file transfers is much faster, however.

Cpanel JetServer Backup Manager:

Jetserver Backup Manager for Cpanel web hosting

Using the Backup wizard and options.   You can make backups of everything that is on your shared hosting account with us.  Here you can download your backup and store it someplace else or should you chose to move to another web host.  Simple create a backup and restore it within the new web hosting provider with compatible Cpanel hosting.

Also to note, it is good standard practice to take regular backups of your website.  In case you are hacked, you can simply fix the outdated plugin and restore the secure patched website.

Billing and Support for your products and Services:

Cpanel Billing and support

Here you can see your invoice, pay your invoice and view your invoice history for your web hosting services,  allowing you to manage your billing information.  This section allows you to open a support ticket with us in case any issues arise.  Our 24x7 team is available round the clock.

Within the Billing and support section provided by Cpanel dashboard here at  You can see company-wide news and announcements.  If we are ever conducting any maintenance on the servers, news and schedule will be posted here and on our social media channels.

This section also allows for domain transfers and domain registrations.  Our easy to use shopping cart, will walk you through our secure encrypted process.

we've got MySQL databases:

Cpanel hosting mysql database

Should you choose to create a website using open source cms like WordPress or Joomla, then you'll need to create a database.  Although most are already familiar with the process.  To make changes to that database once created, you'd make use of PHP Myadmin.

Within PHP Myadmin section, you can execute SQL queries, create tables, assign variables and more to the database.  While within the MySQL database section, one would simply create the database and its login details using the Wizard to set up a new database.   Here you can also create a new database and access the database remotely or from a remote website on a different server.  Although most customers do not use that method.  That would require two different hosting packages.

The Domain section:

Domain section Cpanel hosting

Within the domain name section.  You can manage your domain names, your addon domain names, sub-domain names and more.  Cpanel really does put you in the driver seat.   Leveraging domain names and sub-domain names for your blog and website is a very good technique to rank better in search engines.  Also, redirects helps to get good traffic directed towards the proper content and not error pages.  It is also useful if an organization decides to retire a page within their website, however that page makes extensive use of external, quality backlinks.

Now we've got email accounts section:

Cpanel Email hosting

This is where we get to set up new email accounts and set up the email forward.  For example, if someone is out of the office on vacation.  Then can set up an email forward autoresponders to a coworker.  By doing so, all emails that come to you will automatically be delivered to your email folder, as well as a coworker.  This practice does not slow an organization down in uncircumstantial situations where a colleague is sick or on leave.

Here you can also create a default email address for when someone sends an email to an email address that does not exist on your domain.   So if someone tries to send an email to and that email address does not exist.  Then this particular email address catches all those emails.  This reduces human error on the sending parties side and ensures the business is conducted and communication has commenced.   In turn, you could forward all those emails to the main email address that you check every day or make use of more often.

Here you can also track deliveries, conduct email routing.  Add filters to your email accounts.  For example, if you are a CEO or a Business owner and are assigned a big client to an employee and yourself.  Applying an email filter ensures you stay on top of your game.

There are a host of other features within the Email section.  Conducting an analysis of communication within your business or organization ensures lag time is reduced and production is increased, yielding higher profit margins, as a whole.

Metrics give you stats about website visitors:

Zosting Cpanel Metrics

The metrics section allows you to monitor your shared hosting usage.  Here you can monitor your bandwidth as well as the website visitors and where they are arriving on your webpage from.  You can track your backlinks, their country of origin.  Which web browsers most your visitors use can be seen here.  The Awstats program also displays keywords used to land on your webpage and your daily unique visitors vs number of visits.

However to get a more accurate reading of your website statistics.  We recommend making use of Googles webmasters tools and implementing google analytics.   Essentially both Awstats and other metrics tools do the same as Google analytics.  Google analytics is much more of an accurate reading on organic and referral linked visits.  They also monitor keywords and index your site much faster should you chose to implement a sitemap.

Next, we've got security:

Cpanel Security

This is an extremely important section.  Here we have our SSL Wizard, Status and encrypted certificate.  All of our shared hosting packages come with standard encrypted SSL Certs for free.  Due to recent changes in Googles algorithms, SSL Certs are now a requirement.  They also protect your customer's private data from any possible hack attempts.

Here you can also block IP addresses.  Say if you have an IP range you wish to block or a specific # of IP addresses have been attempting to hack your site.   You can block them here.  This is a not a feature that you'd use very often.  Most IP attacks or Hack attempts if blocked, simply move to another IP address and conduct business as normal.

Ahhh, the Software section:

Cpanel Software

Then there was the software section.  Within the Software section, it offers information about PHP Version.  Here you can change language options.  Here you also have something extremely important, within this section it contains your memory limit and file upload size.  Here is where you can check you MAX upload size incase your usage increases as your organization increases.   However, most web hosts, like us here at, do not place many limitations on file upload size.  You are given the space, should it MAX, then you would be required to upgrade to a web hosting package that best suits your companies needs.

It also maintains on how fast or slow your website loads on your web hosting.  Earlier we spoke about how fast web servers and hosting can increase better rankings within search engines.   However, if you do choose to MAX out usage.  Your hosting will be slow.  Use the space and resources productively and maximize usage without risking organic website growth.

You can also make use of and view any PHP Errors section here on your website.  Bugs and errors often tend to frustrate a potential client and risk losing them forever.  Ensure your website is in optimum condition.

Although most of these changes cannot be made by you.  This section is a great resource on information about your hosting package.  We consistently monitor our web server so you don't have to.  Should you have any specific requirements for your shared hosting package, certainly feel free to open a ticket and someone from our support staff will be in touch.

Advanced is a great place to monitor your cron jobs:

Advanced Cpanel web hosting

Within the cronjob section, you can schedule cron jobs to run at specific intervals of your choosing.  For example, you want the cron job to run every 2 hours or every day.  Within this section, you can schedule it.   The purpose of cron jobs during this is process is, you can implement a script and run the cron job to delete say temporary files.  This frees disk space and allows for a faster, smoother web hosting experience within your domain.

Under this section is another important feature within Cpanel web hosting.  Within this section, you have your Error Pages section.  An Error code is displayed to the visitor if there is a problem accessing your site.  Since there are multiple kinds of error codes, this ensures the visitors are well informed on why they received the error and how to resolve it.  So they may get the necessary information they are searching for.

As a beginner, there is a host of other features within this section.  Much of it is already within a default presetting, which accustoms most website owners.  Hence making any changes here would not impact your daily usage or your web hosting much.   Most of these features are an add-on for very few unique cases in the usage of our shared web hosting.

The preferences section:

Cpanel Hosting

This section is rather simple and straightforward to use for managing your passwords.  As a good practice within your organization.  You should always rotate and change your passwords.  Especially if you have ever been hacked.  Here within this Preferences section.  You can do so.

Softaculous apps installer

Softaculous Apps Installer zosting cpanel web hosting

Not all web hosts provide Softaculous apps installer within their Cpanel web hosting.   This section basically allows for faster installs of software.  Typically a WordPress blog or website hosted by a team of writers or communities.  For example PHPbb.   Within this section, we here at provide a wide range of options.  Once has the option of creating real estate websites, web forums, websites all within a few simple steps.

Although more experienced technology professionals choose to do manual installs.  This option allows for novice members to maximize usage and almost eliminate the need for coding or programming knowledge.

As always, we're here at  dedicated 24x7 to help serve you.  Should a problem arise day or night, feel free to contact our support team.  Also if this blog was helpful to you.  Please do share.  We have removed our commenting feature on our blog to help eliminate spammers.  Thank you for your continued support.

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