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How to install Bitcoin Cash plugin for Woo Commerce WordPress websites:

Want to accept Bitcoin Cash from your woo Commerce website in WordPress?

WordPress woo commerce website users can now accept Bitcoin Cash directly from their website into their electronBitcoin Cash Woo Commerce Plugin wallet, eliminating the middleman.  The new plugin allows for a simple install into your WordPress website and is compatible with only Woo Commerce users.  The plugin requires at least a 3.0.1 WordPress version and has been tested up to version 4.8.1 and is available for free here: on Github.


This is a major step for Bitcoin Cash. 

Currently, WordPress powers over 27%  of the internet while averaging 24 posts per second while maintaining usage worldwide by over 50%.  WordPress is also the LARGEST Remote workforce organization in the world. With 50,000 WordPress websites launched daily, they receive over 22 Billion page views a day.   With a CMS that receives more visitors than Amazon and approximately 2.7 Million views a month.  This is a massive step.

Almost every web host today allows for the installation of WordPress websites.  Tools like Softaculous allow for easy installs for novice techies and business owners.

Some of the other benefits include:

  * Accept payment directly into your personal Electron Cash wallet.
  * Electron Cash wallet payment option completely removes the dependency on any third party service and middlemen.
  * Accept payment in bitcoin cash for physical and digital downloadable products.
  * Add bitcoin cash payments option to your existing online store with alternative main currency.
  * Flexible exchange rate calculations fully managed via administrative settings.
  * Zero fees and no commissions for bitcoin cash payments processing from any third party.
  * Supports multiple currencies, including Bitcoin Cash.
  * Automatic conversion to bitcoin cash via real-time exchange rate feed and calculations.
  * Ability to set exchange rate calculation multiplier to compensate for any possible losses due to bank conversions and funds transfer fees.

Installation of the new plugin is rather straightforward, especially if you're familiar with uploading and deleting a plugin to your WordPress site in the past.   Or have extensive knowledge of how to use and create a WordPress website.

Once you've clicked the Github link above, you want to click on " Clone or download button "

Bitcoin Cash Plugin for Woo Commerce

Once you've downloaded and unzipped the file contents, you'll notice a series of files in the folder named bitcoin-cash-payments-for-woocommerce-master. 

Bitcoin Cash plugin for Woo Commerce

After downloading the zipped folder.  Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Wordpress Login Page

Once you have logged into your WordPress Dashboard, on the Left Menu, you'll see a Menu item called " Plugins " Click Plugins and then Click on " Add New "

Bitcoin Cash Add Plugin

After clicking on " Add New " you'll be redirected to the " Add New Plugin ", here on the top of the page, click on " Upload Plugin " and scroll down

Upload Bitcoin Cash Plugin

Then select the downloaded plugin from previous step and click " Install Now "

Once plugin has successfully installed

 select " Activate " 

After you've installed and activated your bitcoin Cash plugin there are a series of other steps one must take to ensure the configuration is completed properly.  To this, you must navigate to the Installed plugins page.  Under the " Plugins " menu on the left hand side of the dashboard.  You'll notice a " Installed Plugins " sub menu item.  After clicking the " Installed Plugins " menu item.  Here you can verify that the plugin has installed correctly and that it is active.

You're almost there.  After the verification of the installed plugin.  We must enter in the necessary details to ensure you receive your Bitcoin Cash to your wallet.  To do so you would need an Electron Wallet.  Once you have the necessary Wallet and information.  On the left hand menu, you'll notice a new Menu item called " Bitcoin Cash ", click on " Bitcoin Cash " and then Click on " General Settings "

Within the general settings page, you need to enter the necessary information pertaining to your wallet and other details. ( See Below )

  1. Launch Electron Cash wallet and get Master Public Key value from: Wallet -> Master Public Key, or: older version of Electron Cash: Preferences -> Import/Export -> Master Public Key -> Show.
  2. Copy long number string and paste it into this field.
  3. Change "gap limit" value to bigger value (to make sure you'll see the total balance on your wallet): Click on "Console" tab and run this command:'gap_limit',100)
  4. Restart Electron Cash wallet to activate new gap limit. You may do it later at any time - gap limit does not affect the functionality of your online store. If your online store receives lots of orders in bitcoin cash - you might need to set gap limit to even bigger value.

Once you have completed the steps above.  Your website is ready for its first order to accept Bitcoin Cash.  Ensure your shopping cart has this feature enabled.  Accepting Cryptocurrency does allow for more diversity in payment methods, plus allows the unbanked to be able to make use of your product or service and conduct business online.

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